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Study course "Management Natural Ressources"

The study course "Management Natural Ressources" connects in an interdisciplinary form the topics "Water - Soil - Plant" and is built and supported by the Institute for Geosciences and Geography and the Institute for Agriculture at the Martin Luther Uinversity Halle in an integrated way.

Central to the education is a scientific, economic and planning oriented programme as well as the training of basic knowledge and working methods in the field, in the laboratory and in modelling.

Besides the scientific process understanding of the environmental compartments water, soil and plants these three topics are handeled in the sense of a sustainable management of these natural ressources. Therefore the environmentally compatible use and protection of ressources is focused in a special way.

The study course prepares therefore for the current needs of professional careers in environmental planning, regional and country planning. It takes special interest in water, soil and nature protection and provides basics for practice oriented working fields of consultants, authorities and administration agencies.

For the more scientifically oriented degree the consecutive M.Sc. is established. It has 4 semesters and may be - on personal request - feasible in English.

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Info-flyer M.Sc. Management Natural Ressources (in German)
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